. Looking For Book Your Holidays to Johannesburg

Looking For Book Your Holidays to Johannesburg

Thursday, 06 February 2014 Author admin
For all those who have a passion for reading and which grows even more while they travel to a new place, here’s something just right for all of you. If you are visiting Johannesburg city for a holiday this time, then do not carry a big load of books with you on this holiday. Wondering why? Because like many other things that you would find in Johannesburg at affordable price, you would find a great variety of book stores too! So, when you book your tickets to Johannesburg for your holiday to this stunning city, do not be concerned about falling short of your reading material. However, there is a good variety of stores available on the streets of Joburg. But if I had to recommend one to you, it definitely would be the store called ‘Novel books.

To find this book store, just head towards the Hobart Grove centre in the city. Once you reach there, you would find a very find looking book store with a lot of stuff for you and even your kids. Go looking for some fantastic write-ups in the section called ‘highly recommended’. I bet, you would love the whole outlook of the book store. In a corner you would find a big reading space as well. Be seated and take your time as you go through different books to find the perfect one for you. I am sure; you’ll leave with a handful of books when you return back. For those who are on a budgeted vacation can relax back as this book store is only going to add up a little to your cheap holidays in Johannesburg expenses.

Another great thing about this store is the variety of stuff for kids that they have on display. From wall stickers to doll houses to an entire kid’s corner stuffed with toys and things to keep them busy while you shop, you shall find everything to be great about this store. This is why i always recommend it to my friends and family, whenever someone goes shopping for books. So, if you are also an obsessed reader, do not forget to list down this book store name while charting down your things-to-do in this beautiful city. Hope you grab your share of cheap tickets to Johannesburg soon and spend an indulging and fun –filled vacation in Joburg really soon.
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