. Getting down and personal at the Lion Park

Getting down and personal at the Lion Park

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 Author admin
On my last vacations in Johannesburg after been to every sites and attraction present in the city of Johannesburg, we had a day left and wondering what to all the while before a local advice to head for a 30 minutes’ drive towards the Lion Park. Though my initial reaction to this was big NO to the zoo but somehow my friends convinced me to just go along. After we reached the Lion Park, I was taken aback as it was not even remotely close to anything that resembles like a zoo. This was a huge park which inhabit ate the Lions, cheetah and other endangered species. The sole purpose of this park is breeding of these animals and increasing their numbers. I never ever in my life got so close and personal with the King Lion ever in my life. Though there was a fence between me and the animal but my heart was raced up few notches more. If I was thought of this as enough than I was in for a surprise of my life, we got in to the jeep and heading in to the park and just stood at a point where the lion was next to our jeep. I never imagined and figured that a lion could be so big that it could literally swallow me if he has a choice or a short if I may say so.

The real treat at the park is the cubic area up at the nursery. The nursery is more closed in and does have cages to keep the females preparing to birth or recovering from illness in a safe, controlled location. The cubs have a play area where you can go in, walk around with them, take your pictures and, if they are small enough, hold them. Trust me the city of Johannesburg may be modern with all the nightclubs and the urban fun but this was a place that was way beyond all that. I would recommend everybody booking their cheap flights to Johannesburg to keep a day or two vacant to visit this amazing park and enjoy a day with nature and the nature’s creativity at it very best!
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